AI software engineer

Objective: Build easy to access AI product

Email: wangjiayu1917@hotmai.com

Tel: (314)-359-1729

Loc: Saint Louis, MO, USA



NLP software engineer | 2017.3 – now

Jane. ai is a start-up based in St. Louis that builds general purpose chatbot for enterprises.

  • Built a real-time document mining app to covert input document files into question and answer pairs.
  • Built a bot service to receive email from user and extract relevant information and return by email/sms.
  • Built a model to check the fluence of user’s inquiry using GAN
  • Built a model to tokenize and anotate tokens with allennlp and corenlp
  • Built xgboost models on top different encodings to find intension and extract parameters
  • Use elastic search to handle easy queries

Washington University, OT Department

Biostatisician | 2016.2 – now

  • Use HLM model to evaluate the effect of depression on stroke patients with time-series data.
  • Using semi-supervised learning algorithms to identify useful features in the OT therapy of stroke patients.
  • Use SEM model to model the interaction between social support, functional and depression on stroke patients
  • Routine tasks on data preprocessing and power analysis

Washington University, Psychiatry Department

Senior Data Coordinator | 2015.11 – now

  • Use HLM to evaluate the effect of gender in teenager psychiatry
  • Use NMF to find the patterns in coupled gene expression and schzephrenia data
  • Use random forest and clustering methods to identify subtypes of icu patients from a children hospital
  • Doing data analysis on ICU patients to find possible critical points and predict outcome after discharge


Washington University

MS | 06/2015-12/2016

  • Major in Biostatistics
  • Top 1% in the program

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

BS | 09/2011-16/2015

  • Zhiyuan School
  • Major in Biology
  • Minor in computer science


Languages: Python, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Java, C++

Framework: Flask, Falcon, Angular, React

Database: MySQL, Redis, elastic search

Mathematical tools: Matlab, R, SAS, Mplus, SPSS

Machine Learning: Pandas, Scikit-learn, Keras, TensorFlow

Other tools: vim, rabbitmq, docker, pandas, aws, nginx

Speaks: Chinese, English and Spanish


Chair of Organization Department in SJTU Zhiyuan

Chair of Organization Department in WashU CSSA


Ogilvy and mather



Ada H.Z., Igor Z., Jiayu W.,Robert C., Andrey P. Anokhin. The Development of Temperament and Character during Adolescence:Gender Differences in Two Phases of Change. Development and Psychopathology