AI software engineer

Objective: Build easy to access AI product

Email: wangjiayu1917@hotmai.com

Tel: (314)-359-1729

Loc: Saint Louis, MO, USA

linkedin: linkedin.com/in/jiayu-wang-904907107

Github: github.com/garyblocks



NLP software engineer | 2017.3 – now

Jane. ai is a start-up based in St. Louis that builds general purpose chatbot for enterprises. Clients include Coca-Cola, CMP, etc.

  • Built a real-time document mining app and made it live in 1 month. It met the requirements, and has been working ever since then. It was a solo and mission critical task.
  • Built the version one gmail bot (async) using php individually to support email & sms.
  • Designed most parts of our conversation processing engine.
  • Built and trained our 2 most important ML models for matching and text encoding.
  • Led ai team for approx. 3 months before team lead vacancy was fulfilled from outside, during which developed our NLP api server in python.

Washington University, OT Department

Biostatisician | 2016.2 – now

Build time-series models for stroke patients in 2 NIH founded studies.

Washington University, Psychiatry Department

Senior Data Coordinator | 2015.11 – now

unsupervised machine learning on psychiatry disease and genetic data


Biostaistics, Washington University

MS | 06/2015-12/2016

Top 1%

Biology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

BS | 09/2011-16/2015

Zhiyuan Hounored School


Programming: Python, PHP, Javascript, Perl, Java, C++

Framework: Flask, Angular

Database: MySQL, Redis

Mathematical tools: Matlab, R, SAS Macro, Mplus, SPSS

Machine Learning: Pandas, Scikit-learn, Keras, TensorFlow


Ada H.Z., Igor Z., Jiayu W.,Robert C., Andrey P. Anokhin. The Development of Temperament and Character during Adolescence:Gender Differences in Two Phases of Change. Development and Psychopathology


Chair of Organization Department in WashU CSSA